Dreaming of this image in 110x210cm 🙂


Sofa Setup:

Working title: “Subjective surroundings” or just “For the love of it”.

Working on it!


Alfa Romeo


A joyful afternoon:

Emdrup Søpark #7

..and hooray. This years first publication is out. “Ydre Østerbro” 44 pages. Can be bought here: 135dkr.




Sometimes, just sometimes, it is there ❤


Back to walking, back to the forest, in through the city. Back to simplicity. Back to trusting the fundamentals, the core, the image language, photography. Less doubt, more activity.




Images of todays creative process:


I walk through grass,

I walk Through rotten leaves.

Just to know the edges,

just to know where I am.

I walk along concrete squares

In and out alleys and bricks corridoors

Just to know the edges

just to know where I am.

When the morning calls through deep green leaves

I wake and se the sun outside my window

And the pounding chest of mine

call me time and time again

I come along

I breathe your breath

Right here so far far away

just to know the edges

just to know where I am

When the morning calls through deep green leaves

I wake and see the sun out side my window

and the pounding chest of mine

call me time time again


Sometimes like this evening I just love what I do.

And..: BIG NEWS: I am in a gallery! and Reersøgade 6,, 2100 København Ø. Hooray.


Wonderful morning, pale, cold, – vivid rugged colours of late fall. Ten meters from my doorstep on my way to the shop for breakfast, a light pink rose, cold yellow brick buildings and the light of an autumn early morning. Into the workshop, rework with acryllic paint and two hours later todays labour is all kickstartet by the light pink rose and colours of late autumn. Big news coming up soon. Excited.


More November-livingroom-flowerpots.

And a new song:

Stark shimmering yellow sparkles
Glow tight in november town
Meddles in the heavy fog
Tries me out, see my sight.

Glowing harsh in downtown me
The bright November cracks out there
Lend your hand, slightly raw, somehow pale.
Try me out, see my sight.

The nowhere now of autumn truth
Is all set in to tie me up
Free my mind, take me in
In nowhere land, I need a band.

Across the plains, in through the land
On pavement bricks, all colors of light
I see you there, everywhere
So try me out, just see my sight.

The nowhere now of autumn truth
Is all set in to tie me u p
Free my mind, take me in
In nowhere land, I need a band.


November, november, november. Am writing songs and painting. Would love to further develop my reallife drawing. Still photograph the painting, and adore to play with colours and expression digitally, as I love the interplay of photography with reality. The many timely connotations that come along. Todays painting: Coleus.


Had a good exhibition opening at Lundehuskirken this tuesday. Lots of good beloved friends turned up and all in all many good conversations and talks.


Many people ask me what happens to the “original” painting. “Keep it” they say, “show it”. And some are surprised when I tell the the “original” dissapears. There is no original to me, the original is the emotional impact, shared between viewer and expression. Sometimes this expression is manifest online. Sometimes physical in a print. It is not important to which physical realm it belongs. It is an expression, a story of emotions and labour put into telling a story, visible in a finished work of art that can be approached in many mediums, as physical in frame and print. That is to me taking the consequence of the reality of the present serious. Walter Benjamin was writing in the thirties about the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. Seeing both the extreme dangers of exploitation, of how power could manifest itself to the cost of the many blind followers of a certain cultural or capitalist agenda, and he saw how these means of reproducing art in photography in cinema could be means of liberation of redelegating power to the many, not the few.

I’m not really much into power struggles and political pros and cons, I have my oppinions but what is important to me is existensial honesty. That you strive to in your life, to seek the moments where you are real and present, in body and soul. Those moments define you as a human being, in my opinion. That is an ongoing task to seek those moments, to seek the moments that fill your heart with presence. Making art for me is also part of this task. That is what I do. My metier. What I do best. My artwork reflect this task, this ongoing labour to follow your heart, to believe in love, to believe in life.

Our times is far beyond the notion of the original in my oppinion. To me in my work, it is important how I use the present technology as freely and undogmatic as possible. They are tools. The importance is is how I use them. Sometimes and often I am overwhelmed by the possibilities in digital technologies, I think that is natural. But not engaging them is fake in my oppinion or at least disengaged in our contemporary reality.


From april 2020. Abstract acrylic painting. Painted looking at a photographic print of the sky above my house in North Copenhagen. The painting photographed, edited digitally and finally printed in a limited edition of five. Also part of my exhibition november 3rd at Lundehuskirken.


From todays walk Bagsværd to Sorgenfri, north of Copenhagen.


This weekends work. As often is my custom, made late at night, in that moment. An older photograph from the forest near Copenhagen. I paint abstract, this time multicoloured, while looking at the photographic print. Afterwards I photograph the still wet painting, this time in crude wolfram/indoor evening lighting. I edit the photograph of the painting in photoshop. And finally merged it with the original photograph from the forest. I love this part. Its like old time dark room work, the final image appears on the screen in front of me. It is a very creative process, tuning and editing the parts I find worth enhancing, and downscaling other parts of the image. Here the result:

And by the way:

My upcoming exhibition is set for opening on the 3rd of november, at 4pm. Lundehuskirken, Strødamvej 1, Copenhagen Ø.